Choice, control and automation

Save time and cost by delivering more efficient, transparent and compliant mortgage back-end processing.

iLienRED® (Real Estate Documents) enables the creation, management and recordation of mortgage related documents. In addition, because there is no software, there are no IT upgrades.

iLienRED features:
• Created by industry experts
• 3,600+ jurisdictions rules & templates nationwide
• eRecording and eSignature (where available)
• Updates in real time
• Scalable SaaS, web-based platform
• No upfront, capital expenditures (CapEx)
• Always running latest, greatest software

Maintain control over the recording process
Enter data for a particular recordation, then let Lien Solutions complete the process. Or print the document and record on your own using our system to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Streamline operations
iLienRED reduces the complexity of preparing and recording mortgage assignments and curing defective assignments.

Solution overview

Document Preparation & Recording

This includes items that provide a traceable chain of title to a property such as deeds, mortgages, easements, judgments, liens and foreclosures. An Ownership & Encumbrance title search shows all mortgages, judgments, liens and taxes that attach the current owner of record to the property.

iLienRED is the most simple, yet robust, solution for generating and recording mortgage assignments.