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Let us help make sure that titles are processed faster, and with fewer exceptions and missteps. The result is confidence that liens are perfected.

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The Benefits of iLien Motor Vehicle Title Processing

Tap into the specialized industry knowledge and capabilities that ensure better results. Lien Solutions equips you to speed and streamline title processing. We offer multiple options by which to use our services – either directly through our website or via integration with our API. We eliminate frustrations so you can provide borrowers with a smoother experience. And, with fewer questions, errors and delays along the way, you’ll spend less time and fewer resources on perfecting titles and protecting your interests.

What adds to the inherent complexity of motor vehicle lien processing?


How do I perfect my interest in a motor vehicle?

You title the vehicle with the DMV in the respective jurisdiction, with your company listed as lien holder. Whether you’ve financed a new or used vehicle, titling for the first time or changing an existing title, Lien Solutions has the expertise to help.

What is needed to process a motor vehicle title?

Whether you handle titling or have the borrower do it, the appropriate forms will need to be completed, and required taxes and fees paid at the DMV. These vary from one jurisdiction to another, so it’s important to work with an experienced provider like Lien Solutions, who can let you know what will be needed and what the estimated costs are.

How can I make sure that a vehicle gets titled correctly and quickly when the borrower is doing the processing?

Many lenders rely on borrowers to title the vehicle and file a lien to perfect the lender’s interest. But, there’s a risk that the borrower may not do so promptly or accurately. Lien Solutions can help by supporting preparation and filing, ensuring that the lien holder is named correctly. We also make sure you and your borrowers know what’s needed at the DMV, and how much it’s likely to cost.

How do I make a change to a title?

Many external events require a change to a title to keep it current and your interest perfected. For example, you may need to transfer title to another state or change the owner’s name due to a marriage. Lien Solutions can help make sure you and your borrowers are prepared to submit the appropriate forms, and pay required taxes and fees, at the local DMV.

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