Tax and Fee Estimates

Let us make it easier to provide your borrowers with tax and fee estimates during the auto loan process, in all the places you do business – in all US states and jurisdictions.

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Our simple, at-your-fingertips solution helps improve customer experiences by letting them know what’s needed ahead of time – while reducing your risk with faster title perfection.

Know what’s needed ahead of time

What challenges do Tax and Fee Estimates help to solve?


My borrowers are responsible for filing their own titles: How can I make sure this goes smoothly?

It’s important to perfect your interest in a motor vehicle as soon as possible after a loan is made. With tax and fee estimates, Lien Solutions enables you to inform borrowers early in the process about what they will need to pay at the DMV. This ensures a better experience for both borrowers and lenders. Borrowers are prepared to get things right the first time at the DMV. And, you benefit from quick, mistake-free perfection.

How can I provide a better experience for my customers during the title processing phase?

Letting borrowers know ahead of time what’s needed at the DMV is a great way to avoid unpleasant surprises or the need to come up with additional funds at the last minute.

How can I help customers better understand the total cost of ownership of a vehicle?

Having a clear estimate of what taxes and fees will be owed allows you to communicate more of the total cost associated with owning a vehicle. You can even roll the tax and fee amounts into the value of the loan, factoring those costs into the credit application process.

I like the idea of providing better estimates of what taxes and fees will be owed; but, how do I fit this into my existing lending processes?

iLien Motor Vehicle tax and fee estimates are designed to align seamlessly with your existing processes, and can be incorporated at various stages of your workflow. They’re delivered in easy-to-learn, easy-to-use PDF templates.

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