Gain Deeper Insight into Your Lien Portfolio and Operations

The lending landscape is changing and Lien Solutions has delivered the most advanced, complete, one-stop iLien, for end-to-end management of your lien portfolio. We deliver the information and perspective you require to understand what’s happening inside your lien portfolio and operations, to identify potential issues and to respond proactively.

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The Benefits of Analytics and Reporting

The new interactive Analytics tool integrates your iLien and public records data to give you key performance indicators that can assess portfolio health, reduce risk, streamline processes and ensure lien perfection. You get immediate visibility into your lien portfolio, and the insights to operate more efficiently in the future.

Standard and customizable Reporting templates allow you to access portfolio-wide data according to your preferences and at the intervals you choose. Self-serve reporting capabilities empower stakeholders to get the information they need, the way they want it.

What are some of the issues addressed by lien portfolio reporting and analytics?

Analytics That Help You Understand and Optimize Your Lien Operation

Reports That Help You Stay On Top of Your Lien Portfolio


What are Key Performance Indicators and what do they do?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are important measurements to help you run your business. In the case of iLien, KPIs give you insights into your business risk, filing quality and operational efficiency.

What can I do with the information I get from Analytics?

The KPIs in iLien give you the business perspective you need to operate more strategically and meet changing demands. Drilling down within each KPI helps you identify root causes so you can take corrective actions to be more efficient and profitable.

Why is it important to have access to flexible and customizable reporting functionality?

With a flexible and configurable way to generate reports, you can maintain complete visibility into your portfolio and clarity on what needs to happen next. Reports can also provide you with good insight about the costs, efficiency and quality of your lien operation.

What kinds of alerts can I receive, and how will I receive them?

You can choose from a set of automated alerts, including updates on debtor name changes and pending lien expirations. Alerts are sent within the iLien system, and you can also elect to have them emailed to you.

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