Visibility, automation and control

Our portfolio management tools streamline filing amendments while incorporating technology to keep you abreast of your upcoming expirations – as well as external changes made by other parties.

The web-based, user-friendly iLien Solution automatically monitors dates, prepares forms and files continuation statements. This significantly reduces time spent managing your portfolio, allowing you to be proactive and focus on other priorities.

Solution overview

UCC Amendments

Add, delete or modify information about the debtor or the secured party, or restate the entire collateral description.

UCC Continuations

UCC-3 fillings extend the life of the financing statement by five years.

UCC Terminations

This type of filing is used to extinguish the lien before its five-year term has ended.

UCC Debtor Name Monitoring

Monitor your debtor names, addresses and filing jurisdictions as frequently as you like. Be alerted when new filings by other parties or changes to existing filings are made.

Auto continuations

Dramatically reduce risk due to missed filings and reduce the time needed managing your portfolio with intelligent automation.

Lien Solutions provides complete nationwide filing services for loan- and lease-related documentation