A Leading Solar Provider Gains a Dynamic Filing Portfolio Management System, Designed to Deliver Decades of Value

As a leader in the solar field, our client has mastered solar lien management, and delivered solar energy technology for a few decades. Working for homeowners, businesses, government and utilities, the company continually seeks to expand the limits of solar energy. From technological development to the design and production of PV equipment, the company seeks to deliver a better solar experience. That includes improving processes behind the scenes. As a provider (and financer) of PV equipment, our client must conduct large numbers of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Notice of Independent Solar Producer (PUC) filings to protect its interests in that solar
equipment. This means managing a huge volume of documentation, and tracking large quantities of orders across a multitude of jurisdictions. In this case study, you’ll learn how the company teamed with Lien Solutions to bring clarity and consistency to the inherent complexity of large-scale filing management.

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Solar Case Study - SunPower