Real-Time Estimates From Lien Solutions - Lien Solutions

Real-Time Estimates for consumer auto lending is an easy-to-use web-based tool that can be used at multiple stages in the loan process, such as application, pre-closing and/or closing. It delivers immediate calculations of taxes and fees that prepares borrowers with complete information before they visit the DMV to register their vehicle.

The process is simple:

  1. Complete the simple form below
  2. An experienced, knowledgable Sales Executive will contact you with information on activating your free trial of Real-Time Estimates
  3. Afte sign-up, you’ll have three weeks to test drive Real-Time Estimates, with no limit on logins or transactions*

Benefits for Borrowers

  • Know the total cost of vehicle purchase
  • Choose to roll taxes and fees into loan amount
  • Be prepared to register the vehicle with just one trip to the DMV

This offer for a free trial of Lien Solutions’ real-time estimates for Consumer motor Vehicles (the “Free trial”) shall expire 45 days following the date of this communication and is subject to limited availability and qualification requirements. All candidates must agree to Lien Solutions’ Free Trial terms and conditions to participate. Lien Solutions reserves the right to remove, cancel, change the features of or terminate this Free trial at any time.