Equipment Leasing & Finance - Lien Solutions

Drive growth with agile lien management solution

Our focus on lien search, filing and management lets our clients focus on leasing and financing for commercial and industrial equipment.


Concerns in the Equipment Financing and Leasing industry:
  • Desire for simple but robust solution
  • Want to beat competitors
  • IT solution must be scalable for growing marketplace
  • Affordable improvements to compliance profile


This solution is designed to serve:

Equipment financing and leasing companies that face a competitive and fast-paced industry with short loan durations and time-sensitive deals and mergers.


Business benefits:
  • Mitigate risk and increase business certainty
  • Streamline and simplify workflow and processes
  • Greater visibility into assets and portfolio
  • Scalable IT solution to support business strategy

Operational benefits:
  • User-friendly, simple and fast
  • Wide variety of search types to support lien operations
  • Integration and automation improves performance
  • Superior customer support from experienced professionals

Lien Solutions helps organizations reduce risk in the lending cycle with accurate, current nationwide searches, seamless UCC and Purchased Money Secured Interests (PMSI) filing processes and lien management tools.


For added efficiency, you can search for liens on your debtors through direct B2B integration with our system or by using our web application.


For faster lending cycles, you can use our PMSI to secure top lien position. For time-sensitive mergers and acquisitions, we provide quick and efficient assignment processing.


Our comprehensive, nationwide solution for your portfolio management needs include monitoring, images, audit controls and portfolio management.