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Debtor and UCC Monitoring

Written by Lien Solutions
Date September 2017

Don’t just take it from us, here is what one of our customers had to say about monitoring:

The monitoring has provided information on the entity status and that has been helpful. It allows us to contact the customer right away and have the issue corrected.  We’ve also had several alerts of name changes recently that clients had not notified us about and knowing when it happens gives us ample time to amend our UCC’s.”


Unauthorized UCC filings! Statutory remedies for unauthorized filings

Written by Tim Hall
Date July 2017

A filing office cannot tell you whether a filing is authorized or unauthorized, whether it was filed by mistake, or what the record means. The office is not authorized to remove records from the index based only upon an assertion that a record is mistaken, fraudulent or in error. However, there are provisions in Article 9 to address such filings


UCC Basics: Conducting Searches

Written by Amanda Rasizzi
Date March 2017

What is the importance of searching for other lien types? In general, a four-part search should be part of any thorough due diligence investigation, and is critical to the “discovery” process. Can you imagine going to a closing having conducted only a UCC search, only to find after the closing that a tax lien was on the property just acquired?