Delivering speed and visibility to captive finance companies

With a rich, 50-year history of manufacturing tractors, Kubota relies on its network of over 1,100 dealerships to deliver tractors to farmers all over the U.S. As their customers depend on Kubota to get the job done, so Kubota depends on its dealers to properly complete customer transactions and secure liens.

When transactions are happening outside of a dealer’s state, Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solutions lends its experience working with all 50 states and over 3,000 jurisdictions to help process paperwork, store paper titles and MSOs, and to ensure lien perfection. For Kubota, the ability to see registration in a timely manner and achieve efficiency through technology were key ingredients for success. A long-standing partnership with Lien Solutions, that originally started with UCC filings, allowed Kubota to improve internal processes and gain access to unparalleled expertise and superior customer service that ensured stress-free engagement.

One of the benefits of engaging with the Lien Solutions service team was the ability to get positive results delivered in a timely manner and with superior quality.