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Lien Solutions visits answers a beacon from The Lighthouse

Written by Lien Solutions
Date January 2019
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The Lighthouse is a nonprofit education and service center that assists blind and visually impaired people and gives them the tools they need to live independently. As a member agency of the United Way of Greater Houston, The Lighthouse serves around 7,000 people every year and is one of the nation’s leading rehabilitation centers providing […]


What to watch for when you’re filing in-house, part 1

Written by Marina Hardy
Date January 2019

The modern financial landscape is growing increasingly more complex due to internal corporate pressures and external regulatory changes. In terms of secured lending processes, filing Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) forms correctly and in a timely manner is critical, yet full of complexity. Furthermore, monitoring the health of your liens and continuing your liens, if warranted, is equally important. This blog series will look at some of the things that cannot be missed if one is to securely file and manage UCCs, whether you file directly through a Secretary of State or use a law firm or other partner to file.