Lien Solutions wins bronze Stevie® Award - Lien Solutions

Lien Solutions wins bronze Stevie® Award

Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solutions is proud to announce that we have earned a Bronze American Business Award, in the category of “Service Department of the Year – Business Services”, as part of the 2018 Stevie® Awards.

The award is validation of our ability to continuously offer superior customer service and drive organizational success. We rely on our service team, with over 120 years of combined industry expertise, to deliver the type of customer experience that builds client trust and loyalty. For this award, we were recognized for our work during Hurricane Harvey, which hit our Headquarters in Houston, Texas, in 2017.

Even When Disaster Strikes…

Customer service remains our top priority no matter what. Whether it’s responding to calls and emails or safeguarding their confidential data, our business continuity and disaster recovery planning enables us to provide continuous, uninterrupted support.

This was recently put to the test when Hurricane Harvey flooded downtown Houston in 2017, where Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solutions headquarters is located. The building was inaccessible to employees and all power and network capabilities were lost for 10 days.

Lien Solutions was prepared, however, and immediately implemented a well-thought out Business Continuity and Enterprise Data Recovery Plan created for just such an event. The plan had a 24-hour Recovery Time Objective and a four hour Recovery Point Objective.

  • Customer calls to the Houston office were instantly transferred to other Lien Solutions’ offices because of recent telecommunications infrastructure upgrades to help create a multi-site Customer Service Call Center.
  • Sales representatives praised the business’ efforts, reporting no disruptions to their customers’ service. While service center calls in the week following the storm increased by nearly 1/3 in volume, the Lien Solutions customer service team managed to resolve customer issues within its historically low average turn-around time (TAT).
  • Employees were empowered with the tools and resources necessary to work from their home offices during the 10 days. The business also took additional steps to help ensure its own employees were accounted for and safe at all times, providing a constant communications stream and series of feedback loops during the storm’s aftermath.

Continuing our Passion for Customer Service …

Aside from our efforts during Hurricane Harvey, we continue to ensure we always have the right tools, training and workplace environment in place to create a communicative and collaborative customer service team so we can be a valuable partner to our customers. In 2017:

  • We’ve made phone system enhancements to help route customers to our subject matter experts more quickly. These include the ability to pick the service they need in an updated Client Services menu, the addition of call back functionality to avoid long wait times, and the integration of all of our offices.
  • Our customer service teams now have access to to gain insights about customers. This empowers team members to have productive conversations with customers and enable better tracking of client questions and issues.
  • We value continuous learning at Lien Solutions and invest in training and development for all Support/Service team members. Some of the training we provide includes:
    • Ward Certified “Driving Customer Service – Focused Feedback;”
    • Dale Carnegie leadership training;
    • CEM and CXPA certification;
    • DreamForce SFDC training; and
    • change management training.
  • Our new open floor environment at all sites promotes collaboration and strong communication. We provide tools, including instant messaging and, to foster this collaboration. Managers sit on the floor with team members to aide in real-time problem solving and idea generation.
  • Incident Management protocols have been developed to streamline how Lien Solutions handles client impacting issues. These initiatives help reduce silos, increase transparency and improve the issue resolution experience for clients.

All organizations operating in the U.S. are eligible to submit nominations to the American Business Awards in a wide range of categories, honoring achievement in every aspect of work. More than 3,700 nominations were reviewed in the judging process this year by more than 200 professionals, whose average scores determined the winners. Wolters Kluwer was on a short list of companies winning five or more American Business Awards in 2018.

“The nominations submitted for the 2018 American Business Awards were outstanding. The competition was intense, and those recognized as Stevie Award winners should be immensely proud of this accomplishment,” said Michael Gallagher, president and founder of the Stevie Awards.

We are excited to have been honored in this way and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers in ever-evolving ways in the future.

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