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When you have to be right

When you have to be right

We are trusted by financial professionals to help manage risk and simplify complexity across the loan lifecycle.

Matchless expertise

Lien Solutions is the nation’s leading lien services partner. Supported by our global parent company Wolters Kluwer, we combine the talent and effort of our subject matter experts with technology that creates powerful simplicity, to deliver the industry’s most accurate and thorough lien-related due diligence, perfected filings and portfolio management.

A history of innovation

Lien Solutions, a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer NV, was founded in 1979 and is based in Houston, Texas. For over 30 years we’ve created and refined innovations in lien search, recording and life of loan services to lenders and corporate borrowers in the United States.

End-to-end loan cycle solutions

Lien Solutions delivers filing, lien search, debtor and business entity monitoring, lien portfolio management, mortgage recording, mortgage assignment and special report services, as well as mortgage document solutions.

Indispensable partnership

Indispensable partnership

Lien Solutions values building and maintaining relationships with our outstanding partners in the financial, legal and mortgage fields. We encourage organizations seeking to expand their portfolio of customer solutions to contact us. Our channel partner team is ready to start the conversation.


Together, the Lien Solutions team of technology experts and business leaders bring unparalleled experience to our market-tailored solutions. Learn more about senior leadership.


Connect to something greater

The talent at Lien Solutions has pushed boundaries and pioneered an entirely new set of tools and practices to accelerate business and reduce risk. After 30 years, that innovation continues – and we’re looking for the next generation of talent to help build the next generation of solutions. Come and join us!

Insight Into Your Lien Portfolio to Mitigate Risk

Knowing the answers to the following questions can tell you if you have a good handle on your overall portfolio health. Can you answer them with confidence? Do you have any blind spots in your portfolio where you may not know your lien position? Can you be sure your lien position hasn’t changed since the […]

The Repo Paradox: Challenges for Auto Lenders in 2019 and Beyond

Jul 30, 2019 - Jul 30, 2019
Online Webinar

There’s a rise in repossessions in the middle of a healthy economy. Do lenders have what it takes to keep their balance in 2019 and beyond?

This webinar, produced in partnership with Auto Remarketing Magazine, will explore the fragile state of vehicle lending and discuss ways of minimizing risk in this turbulent climate.